The restoration

We propose the restoration of your Pony or cars that we have in stock.

The restoration that we propose can be on different levels, partial or complete that we call « Frame-off ».

As part of the Frame off, we do the following steps:

  • Exposure of the car with identification of each disassembled part
  • Sandblasting of the body to detect each weakness of the bodywork and the structure
  • Body and subframe repairs by our team of professionals
  • Preparation for painting
  • Painting
  • Windshield replacement or rear window if necessary
  • Engine renovation with a one-year warranty and a free overhaul after 1 year or 3000 km (With us or one of our European partners)
  • Mechanical parts renovation of the car with replacement of the original bushings (silentblocs) by more efficient and reliable polyurethane silentblocs, control of the condition of the suspension system, renovation of the brake system and systematic change of the front drum brakes by disc brakes for obvious safety reasons
  • Electricity renovation with complete change of the wiring harness if necessary and integration of "retro" radio but able to operate in Europe
  • Seats renovation
  • Passenger compartment renovation with change of elements, which needs to be agreed with the owner and renovation of elements that can be
  • Complete vehicle reassembly
  • Geometry adjustment
  • Technical control in an official technical control center

Various possibilities

Of course, during the restoration we can add on command components. From a 1967 or 1968 Fastback, we are able to make the famous Eleanor for you; we can change the engine for a more powerful or recent version (within the respect of European regulations or the destination country regulations).

However, the modifications can be softer like exterior or interior color changes, replacing brakes by disc brakes, installation of a double pipe exhaust, anti-fog light front/rear, etc.

Our will is to keep the most of original parts, to restore them and to replace only the parts that should be.


Current Maintenance: Oil change, vehicles inspection, preparation before the season (also for other old-timer cars)

Advice: we are able to give you advices to take care of your Pony or other old-timer cars

EXAMPLE OF SERVICES (including on others Old-timers cars)

Complete engine renovation of Cadillac Eldorado 1970 ( 500 CUI )

Pan floor modification and engine upgrade of Triumph Bond 1965

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