Ford Mustang Fastback 1968

How it can be

Img Photo credit: Sicnag on Visualhunt / CC BY

Actual status:

To rebuild



Ford Mustang Fastback 1968

ID: 219-105

- Body type : Fastback
- Exterior color: Acapulco Blue
- Interior: Light Blue Crinkle Vinyl and Dark Blue Kiwi Vinyl, Luxury interior
- Engine: V8 5.0 liters J Code
- Transmission: Manual
- Actual Status: To rebuild

Word of owner:

This car is unique. It is not just my point of view, it’s what the Marti Report says.

Fastback, Acapulco blue, Luxury interior, 5.0 liters V8 engine, 4 speeds manual transmission, this car is just amazing.

Of course, that Pony needs restoration but the base is very strong, and It will be the logical choice of someone with in mind “strength and Classy”.

Price on demand:

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