Ford Mustang Convertible 1968

How it can be

Img Photo credit: linie305 on / CC BY-NC-SA

Actual status:

To rebuild



Mustang Convertible 1968

ID: 220-045

- Body type : Convertible
- Exterior color: Seafoam Green with Parchment soft-Top
- Interior: Ivy Gold Luxury Bucket Seats
- Engine: V8 4,7 liters C Code
- Transmission: Automatic
- Actual Status: To rebuild

Word of owner:

If you speak with my friends, all of them will tell you the same about me: I like exclusive things and of course exclusive cars.

When I choose a Mustang to rebuild, I’m taking care about lot of parameters but one of most important is “exclusivity of the car”.

This Pony is a perfect example of this. This convertible came with very rare Trim/body color configuration, very beautiful one.

But you are the only one be able to judge what you like...

Price on demand:

If you are interested in this mythic Mustang, please contact us for current price on email: or on tel. numbers:
Tel: +421 915 799 771 (english, french)
Tel: +421 905 404 265 (slovak, spain, french)